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Healthcare (Medical) FDA Approved

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A message from our
Dream Healthcare Officer

One of the most common health risks for a bedridden patient is pressure ulcers, or pressure sores. A person with full mobility can rotate their body throughout the night, which keeps the blood flowing normally. When a patient cannot move or rollover on his own, a decreased blood supply causes the flesh in certain areas to die, resulting in painful pressure sores. PillowSheets solves this issue by being the leading manufacturer of the only patented bedsheet in the world that eliminates loose bedding by integrating a pillow system within the fitted sheet. PillowSheets medical line distributes pressure evenly, relieves vital pressure points, maintains the patient in the bed, and offers total body / lumbar support. Our custom “elevate” foot pillows aid in the reduction of swelling and promote circulation.

- Rod Gamble, PillowSheets UK, Ltd

RN, BSN, MS Comp Sci, PMP

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