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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I care for my PillowSheet?
    PillowSheets are made with the most comfortable and durable fabric in the sleep market! All PillowSheets are machine washable. Our baby and toddler line are a fitted sheet and pillow "bundled-in-one". Therefore, simply place your PillowSheet in the washer and dryer as you would your normal fitted sheet. Our Adult, Pregnancy and Healthcare products have removable pillows to create a custom sleep experience. Please remove the pillows in your Adult, Pregnancy or Healthcare fitted sheet prior to laundering.
  • How do I become a PillowSheet retailer/wholesaler?
    As quoted in Earnshaw's Magazine, "PillowSheets' products will send your sales into overdrive. Please submit your retail inquiry here where a representative will contact you.
  • Is there a warranty on my PillowSheet?
    Yes, PillowSheets offers a 1 year manufacturer warranty
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