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CDC has officially declared sleep deprivation as a public health epidemic...

Besides making us tired and cranky, insufficient shut-eye makes our brains fuzzy, puts us at greater risk for certain mental and physical health conditions, and to top it all off… what can really drive us crazy is to realize that no one is truly sleeping like a baby!


Millions of people, parents, and caretakers are trying to figure out why their toddlers, patients and even themselves cannot manage to get comfortable and have a restful night. 


Rest assured it's an insomniac attack.. PillowSheets™ is revolutionizing the bedding industry.

Our customers have said their PillowSheet™ has been good for

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Meet The Sheets

At PillowSheets™, we consider ourselves the ultimate matchmakers! We have joined the Pillow and the Sheet to make the perfect dream union. PillowSheets™ is a leading manufacturer of the only patented bed sheet in the world that eliminates loose bedding and integrates a pillow system into the fitted sheet. Offering total body support and transforms any mattress into an instant haven. Truly a match made in heaven.

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The pillow and sheet become one to create the perfect dream union, providing total comfort and eliminating loose bedding. A sleep experience; like sleeping on a cloud.