Luxurious Sateen Striped fitted sheet. Recommended for ages 0-6 months or until baby begins rolling over on his/her stomach. Made for supervised lounging. 


Newborn lounger fitted sheet designed for the standard classic crib. Creates a womb in any room and comfort that infants crave while seeking comfort and security in the safest environment. 

Classic Crib

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$48.99Sale Price
    • Fits Classic Crib mattress
    • Poly-fil system mimics the embrace of the womb
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Breathable 100% natural premium cotton
    • 400 thread count
    • Polyester fiber filling is hypoallergenic (No Down)
    • Double reinforced stitching to secure No-shift pillow filling.
    • Washer and dryer friendly
    • Deep sheet pockets (40% thicker than the average crib sheet) for a no-slip fit on crib mattress
    • Strategically positioned to mimic a womb-like enclosure
    • Gentle head elevation (great for babies with gastric reflux)
    • Recommended for 0-6 months or when signs of rolling over begin to show
    • Made for supervised lounging 
    • Tested to voluntary ASTM standards
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty