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PillowSheets - The Ultimate Answer to a Good Night's Sleep

Made in USA

The Sheets that Dreams are made on

Rest Easy with PillowSheets

The ultimate answer to a good night's sleep

PillowSheets recreate the womb in any room. With our polyfil pillow system built within the fitted sheet, unsafe loose bedding is eliminated

✔︎ Mimics the Womb

The safest way to introduce your Toddler to a pillow. Maintains Toddler sleep position to the center of the bed and eliminates pillow shifting for even the most active sleeper.  

✔︎ Safest Pillow

PillowSheets 'Elevate' foot pillows, assist with blood circulation, varicose veins, sciatica, and abnormal buildup of fluids resulting in swelling of the lower extremities.

✔︎ Aids Blood Circulation

Our sheets help one's knees adjust the spine and limbs in a natural way, bringing relief from lower back pain, sciatica, and bulging or herniated discs. 

✔︎ Achy Muscles

PillowSheets help to evenly distribute the weight of our limbs, which results in deeper relaxation and rest for the entire body.  

✔︎ Deep Relaxation

The comfort

experienced from

embracing a PillowSheet helps to lower the heart rate aiding in helping sleep. Studies show that hugging releases  oxytocin hormone relieving stress, calms the nervous system, and

warms our bodies.

✔︎ Stress Relief

Elderly Care, ALS, Surgery Recovery, Hospice, Osteoporosis, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Bedridden, Respiratory Function, Sports Injury, Arthritis, Stiff Joints, Acid Refulux, Hip, Neck and Back Pain

✔︎ Healthcare Needs

Total Body





  1. bedsheets redefined

  2. the pillow and sheet become one to create the ultimate dream union

  3. provides total comfort and eliminates all loose bedding

  4. the ultimate sleep experience for all types of sleepers

  5. patented technology pillow systems built within the fitted sheet

  6. also called the fantasy sheet


Get a Good Night's Sleep



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Tiny Tinkle (3)



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The Dreamer

Inventor/Chief Executive Dreamer

"Put sleepless nights to rest

& PillowSheets to the test"

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PillowSheets - The Ultimate Answer to a Good Night's Sleep
PillowSheets - The Ultimate Answer to a Good Night's Sleep
PillowSheets - The Ultimate Answer to a Good Night's Sleep

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