PillowSheets Healthcare Collection

A solution to your medical needs

Elderly Care, ALS, Surgery Recovery, Hospice, Osteoporosis, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Bedridden, Respiratory Function, Sports Injury, Arthritis, Stiff Joints, Acid Refulux, Hip, Neck and Back Pain

Optimal for


Great for caregivers providing care to patients who struggle to find a comfortable resting and sleep position.

Relieves Vital

Pressure Points

30-Degree integrated Positioning Pillow is designed to comply with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) guidelines.  Optimal for relieving pressure on the hipbone and coccyx.

Total Body


PillowSheets naturally contours to the body and offers total body support and allows for positioning in different ways to support the upper or lower body and will greatly improve your patient's comfort while sleeping or simply resting in bed.

Staying in bed is hard on the body


Designed to help relieve discomfort for a multitude of sleeping conditions

Aids Breathing Difficulties

PillowSheets Home Health Collection allows you to use your preferred head pillow for ultimate comfort.  Proper head elevation opens breathing passages.  Great for acid reflux and sleep apnea.

Inbuilt Safety

PillowSheets "Angel Arms" function as integrated soft rails.  Our Angel Arms act as positioning devices, as well as, preventing patients from falling or rolling out of bed.

Ideal for Hospital & Care Beds

Our soft rails do not disrupt the raising or lowering of bed rails.

Aids Blood Circulation

PillowSheets 'Elevate' foot pillows, assist with blood circulation, varicose veins, sciatica, and abnormal buildup of fluids resulting in swelling of the lower extremities.

Made in USA

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