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Made in USA

The Sheets that Dreams are made on

[pil-oh-sheets] : The pillow and sheet become one to create the perfect dream union, providing total comfort and eliminating loose bedding. A sleep experience;

like sleeping on a cloud. 

Rest Easy with PillowSheets

The ultimate answer to a good night's sleep


Total Body Support

Total body support featuring front and back support pillows, built in wedges, with our signature elevate pillows to increase blood flow in the legs. The comfort experienced from embracing a PillowSheet helps to lower the heart rate aiding in helping sleep. Studies show that hugging releases oxytocin hormone relieving stress, calms the nervous system, and warms our bodies.


Safest Pillow

The Safest way to introduce a pillow in your child’s sleep environment!


Little Dreamer eliminates loose bedding and helps to maintain the sleep position in the center of the bed  


- for even the most active sleeper!

Positioning Pillows

The first pregnancy sheet for “Expectant Parents” that offers a complete sleep solution offering total body comfort for you and your baby bump.


PillowSheets can also be used post pregnancy to help position your baby for breastfeeding so that baby learns to latch properly. 


Mimics the Womb

Let your baby nap and lay 'n’ play while in the comfort of their Pack 'N’ Play ultra lounge sheet!  


Our patented Poly-fil system mimics the womb allowing baby to nap better, faster and in ultimate comfort.


Aids Blood Circulation

Solutions to your medical needs, including:


Elderly Care, ALS, Surgery Recovery, Hospice, Osteoporosis,

Deep Vein Thrombosis, Bedridden, Respiratory Function, Sports Injury,

Arthritis, Stiff Joints,

Acid Refulux,

Hip, Neck and Back Pain

Safe and Comfortable

We make diaper changing a dream. Luxury comfort meets functionality for your little one. Ideal for baby's delicate skin, helping to keep them warm & cozy while in the optimal changing position. Tiny Tinkle's "Angel Arms" keep your baby safe & comfortable with a secure fit that won't slip including openings for safety belts.

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The Dreamer

Inventor/Chief Executive Dreamer

"Put sleepless nights to rest

& PillowSheets to the test"

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Made in USA

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